What happens when I unsubscribe from a newsletter?


Par Benjamin Caron

mis à jour il y a 7 mois

As soon as you have selected one or several newsletters and click on the unsubscribe button, we perform the following actions :

  •  We, for real, (our competitors will understand ! ) send an unsubscribe request to the senders of this newsletter to ask him to remove your data from his sending list.
  • We do that via several means to ensure you really get unsubscribe. 
  • We create a Neety label in your Gmail account and we archive every single emails you received in the past from the senders you have unsubscribed from
  • To make sure you really get rid of those unwanted emails, we set up a filter, right on your Gmail server.  Not everybody respects the applicable law :-) 

Doing things that way ensure you to never loose forever some important data (password/login/invoices) you received in the past while making sure you will never heard anymore of emails you don't care about.

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